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Social Media
boost online presence

Social Media is a must for any business in today’s world where everyone is online and digitally present. It helps a lot in boosting online presence of a business increasing brand awareness and customer engagement. We have curated a wide variety of Social Media packs to boost online presence of your business over via social media.

BASIC Social Media Pack

INR 1999

  • 30 Days Complete Management
  • 8 Creative Posts (2/week)
  • 8 Engagement Stories (2/week)
  • Graphic Videos
  • Ad Campaigns

ADVANCED Social Media Pack

INR 3999

  • 30 Days Complete Management
  • 12 Creative Posts (3/week)
  • 12 Engagement Stories (3/week)
  • 2 Graphic Videos
  • INR 2000 worth Ad Campaigns

PRO Social Media Pack

INR 6999

  • 30 Days Complete Management
  • 20 Creative Posts (5/week)
  • 20 Engagement Stories (5/week)
  • 4 Graphic Videos
  • INR 3000 worth Ad Campaigns


ULTIMATE Startup Pack

INR 9999

  • 30 Days Complete Management
  • 30 Creative Posts (Daily)
  • 30 Engagement Stories (Daily)
  • 8 Graphic Videos
  • INR 3000 worth Ad Campaigns

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