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Online Ads

Reach more potential customers over online advertisements as it provides detailed audience targeting, budget control, analytics and more. We offer affordable online advertising solutions for your business along with consultancy and 100% management.

Google Ads

One of the best way to get the brand exposure everyone desires of is via Google ads. Wondering why? Because it targets the right audience at the right place and works with a single click. If the ad is appealing enough, it surely increase your website visits at a good rate. That is why at DigiUrban, we offer the same to you with complete management.

  • Advertise on Google Ads Network.
  • Lead Generation Campaigns.
  • Brand Awareness

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Ads Strategy Design

An ad needs to be appealing and creative enough to draw the attention of the person seeing it. We have got it covered for you. We help you in setting up ad designs targeting the right audience. We fully manage it for you so you can stay relaxed.

  • Setup Google ad designs.
  • Goal and target based ads design
  • 100% managed.

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Video Campaign

Videos are the best and most efficient way in conveying what your brand is all about. It takes just a click and a few minutes to decide if the person is going to visit your website or not. Those minutes are in your hand, don’t let any customer go in those moments.

  • Video campaigns on Google Ad network.
  • Brand promotion
  • Brand awareness video ads.

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