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So it was that time of life where our young founders Ashwin Chaudhari and Samyak Sonwane could breathe a lot easier because they knew agency’s success wasn’t about the amount of resources going in it but about following best practices and making digital and smarter decisions. The young duo thought that after the inception of the internet, there was a dire need for businesses to promote their products through online medium. Ashwin and Samyak also believe that whether it’s a small business or a corporate sector, everyone out there is trying to promote their business through online medium, in today’s modern era as there is no other effective platform that can bring you such a good way to exhibit your products or services on the global screen.

Our young and talented founders thereafter completed several projects as freelancers, thereby deciding to provide proper digital services to people for enhancing their businesses via an online platform. This strong urge of both of them resulted in the establishment of DigiUrban in November 2018. The duo focuses on three utmost significant tips:

  • Getting lead generation
  • Developing strategies
  • Bulking out their workforce with freelancers

The reason behind starting with a brand name of DigiUrban is to provide proper services and increase our credibility through our professional portfolio. The insights of DigiUrban range from the entire digital marketing spectrum along with diving into more specific niche industries. The resources we offer provide practical advice for brands to market themselves online in a way that follows not only a myriad of best practices but also incorporate innovative and high-tech trends. We can proudly say that when it comes to innovation and the latest and greatest in digital marketing, DigiUrban has always covered it all. So, irrespective of whether you are B2C or B2B, we at DigiUrban never fail to guide you with the right choices for your businesses to reach a good height constantly via our marketing tactics.


The digital industry is vast and it can be difficult to navigate for newcomers or those looking to find their niche. We set ourselves apart from the competition and speed up our clients’ way up the corporate ladder. At DigiUrban, we believe in focusing on the client and outcome. We possess a really wide skill set that makes us versatile. We provide curated designs and solutions for businesses from all industries. Our dedicated resources team makes sure that we deliver the whole project to our clients on time with a 100% satisfaction rate. We ensure that everything we do for our clients moves them closer to their goals. We have a team of hyper-talented people that fits our marketing needs completely. As business ramps up with the urge and desire to grow, we put together a team of skilled digital marketers with extra-ordinary skills that are needed to scale up our clients’ business.

Here at DigiUrban, we have always aimed for content, acquisition and monetization skill sets. Our one-on-one interaction with our clients helps to improve productivity and the information we get from them can be made use of to make informed, forward-thinking decisions leading to drive exceptional results. We are always available to help our clients with any queries or requirements. At DigiUrban, we believe in setting an agenda, sharing important updates, discussing long term business productivity, making commitments, reinforcing good behavior and addressing the area of opportunities to grow through online medium.


  • Our vision is to create a business world full of opportunities, prosperity and connection for all our clients.
  • Delivering measurable results to clients.
  • Help clients build better brands through digital experience.
  • Provide clients with the highest value of satisfaction rate.
  • Be known for creating a tailored-fit solution for individual business needs.
  • Use the most innovative and fresh ideas to help businesses conquer greater heights in this digital world.


  • Build your brand.
  • To deliver transformative digital marketing solutions.
  • To make clients’ experience brighter.
  • Successfully provide effective services to ensure our clients’ business remains competitive today and tomorrow, digitally.
  • Creating compelling and appealing digital presence.
  • Boost dynamics of digital innovation.

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